AI: What Does the Future Hold?

Artificial Intelligence, or machine learning, as it is also known, is a unique invention that will lead to surpassing the abilities of humans; banks of super computers that are fed raw data, which they analyse – the more data you feed, the smarter the system becomes.

Where does this end?

A good question; Elon Musk is constantly reminding us of the very great dangers that come with the development of AI.

An example nightmare scenario ….. AI learns that humans are the main cause of all pollution on the planet and in its eyes, removing us from the loop would save all other life forms from certain extinction. It would be hard to argue against that logic, so without conscience, AI sets about exterminating the human race!

The need for regulation

There is a need for some form of regulation in the field of AI; take a look at the latest generation of robots, they can now run up stairs and do a backflip. Lots of money is being thrown at AI development and with PLC automation, many factories are fully automated and managed by AI. The military potential is scary, forget soldiers, when you can release 500,000 drones, each with facial recognition to hunt down a citizen and when it finds one, it fires a small charge between the eyes and it’s game over!

Traffic management

Driverless vehicles are already coming onto the market; the AI is highly complex, using hundreds of cameras, with millions of circuits analysing data in real time. Tesla are the pioneers of EVs and they employ the best code writers and create their own AI. The IoT will be the platform for AI to fully manage city traffic and air traffic control will become the domain of AI, which will be a game-changer.

Machine learning will revolutionise the way we live and in a few years, we will all have a humanoid robot at home and he or she will have a personality. Being the fastest growing tech sector, machine learning is developing at a frightening pace, merging with robotics to create a new breed of machine, one that thinks and learns.

If you are interested in learning more about factory automation, there are leading electronics companies with all the automation solutions. Most manufacturing operations incorporate some form of automation, which boosts productivity and within a few years, you could go fully automated and have the system managed by AI.

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