All in one solar street light: Innovation In Solar Technology

The consumption of energy and, in consequence, the energy resources is growing exponentially compared to the replenishment of such resources. In such a dire situation, the need to look for and optimize alternative energy resources becomes crucial. Solar energy is one such viable option. Its scopes and potentials are as vast as the supply itself.

In the wake of innovations in solar power harnessing, solar street lights have flooded the market. Solar lights are an environment-friendly and efficient way of fulfilling the indoor as well as outdoor lighting needs. The all in one solar street light comes with unparalleled advantages and ease of use. It is optimum for outdoor spaces like

About solar street lights:

The concept of using solar-powered lights to illuminate open and large areas like the streets or the parks is recent. Due to the higher costs of solar cells and more energy losses, solar technology was not accessible for common people. But the new technology reduces the cost of manufacturing, and the new solar cells can convert and store more energy. It makes the potential of solar energy possible to be employed towards solving day to day problems.

Solar-powered street lights are now available at competitive prices and high functionality. 

Features of the all in one solar street light:

There is a wide range of street lights running on solar energy to choose from. They differ in criteria like their light quality, time taken to get fully charged, general performance, etc.

The new all in one solar street light, manufactured according to the highest standards by the best solar street light manufacturer, comes packed with various features.

  • Multiple power options available. You can buy a solar street light of 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W. Usually, a 100W solar street light can cater to the needs of the maximum people.

  • According to the wattage of the light, the batteries come in a range of 18Ah to 48Ah.
  • The mounting space of an all in one solar street light ranges from 20 – 35 meters, which works best in outdoor and open spaces.
  • The solar street light manufacturer uses only the premium quality parts; hence, the lights’ overall durability is enhanced. The outer body is made to last more than two decades, and the lifespan of the LED chip could be up to 50000 hours.
  • It is a reliable light source and even has rainy day backup, ensuring illumination even during rains.
  • The charge time of this outdoor light is around 4-5 hours on clear sunny days. The less charging time makes sure that the battery can charge sufficiently to last for hours during night time, even on overcast days.

The usage of solar-powered lights is economical in the long run as it reduces the electricity bills by a reasonable margin. It is also beneficial and considerate towards the environment. You can buy solar power lights at pocket-friendly prices for all your lighting requirements.

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