How mobile technology impacted the oil sector

The oil and gas industry of the world has seen an increase in the demand due to industrialization in the world; the industry also saw improvement in the machinery needed for finding resources and then extracting them. Oilfield pipe recovery was considered impossible, but now with the help of modern machinery, the pipe is recovered. Similarly, modern management systems are now used by oil companies for efficiently managing their operations. We are going to discuss how mobile technologies are improving oil production.

Mobile inspections 

Ground teams don’t need to visit and check the performance of the machines these days; machines are now controlled by mobile devices, which informs whether the machine is working at its best or not. The quality inspection is performed by the mobile devices with which these machines are connected, saving time and labor costs. Any defective machine would be identified by the mobile inspection, and after taking the needed safety measures, the maintenance teams would check that machinery. Collaboration between different teams is now easy due to the use of mobile devices in the oil industry. The office operations and the field operations are now interlinked, with all the parties getting real-time updates of all the tasks.

Improving workplace security and safety 

The use of modern technology by the oil industry of the world is also improving the worker security and safety. The operational guidelines of the oil companies are very strict, and it helps in protecting employees when they are working in the field. On-site incidents are now limited because many inspections and alerts are given by mobile devices. The person in the field just needs to check the data available on the device and get updates regarding the potential risks as well. Interactive mapping of the oilfield is available on the device of every employee, which helps them reach any spot on the oil field. These maps are helpful for the employees when accidents occur on the site; they get help from these maps to exit the oil facility. Mobile devices are also installed on the entry and exits of different facilities and these devices use sensors and restrict access for the unauthorized persons.


The devices used for monitoring and accessing the situation can easily withstand harsh weather as well. These devices are monitoring performance and reducing risks in the oil industry for the employees. The adoption of this modern technology has completely changed the industry.

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