How To Increase Your SEO Success: Quality or Quantity?

It is believed that the real mantra of SEO success for any business is by producing content endlessly and publishing it on different portals. It cannot be denied that content is the best way to get maximum exposure; however, simply relying on content cannot provide you satisfactory results for your marketing efforts. Don’t forget, keyword research is the heart and soul of Search Engine Optimization. Finding the right set keywords and targeting them garner more favor to you and your SEO efforts.

Most beginners, as well as even experts, fail to realize that there is a need for a perfect balance between creative content and optimized content. An experienced SEO experts Company India knows the significance of optimizing content with the right keywords so that the content makes some sense in terms of SEO. Being a reputable SEO agency in India, let us guide you on enhancing the quality of your SEO rather than relying on an outdated strategy of creating content in bulk for ordinary results.

Use Coherent Keywords Strategy in SEO

Keywords research is the first and foremost step while performing the SEO of any website. However, if you only depend on one strategy of considering keyword density as vital and simply ignore the other essentials of keywords strategy, you will fail to build the interest of your readers naturally. The content that you proposed to publish on your website blog must be associated with your overall SEO approach. To make it happen, you must incorporate relevant keywords since your readers will read the whole content to buy into your message.

While creating excellent marketing content, keywords research is not the only way through which you can achieve your marketing goals. Your language tone should be consistent with the rest of the content on your website. This is important so that your readers should not experience an instant change in tone that might confuse them. Always write a marketing copy with sincere efforts and genuine interest in the products/services offered by your organization. Always follow a straightforward approach to demonstrate how much you value your customers’ needs and how your products/services can help them fulfill those needs.

Keep Adding Content with Fresh Ideas & Solutions

When you fail to incorporate new ideas or thoughts into your marketing content, you are bound to fail. This is because readers are always looking for fresh yet informative information on the topic. If they think they have already read that information that you are sharing on your website, then they will simply bounce back in the search for a new one.

Don’t forget that you are here to make a positive impact on the reader with your marketing copy. A good copy is always well optimized with the keywords for search engines and well written with the specific information to attract the readers.  A good SEO Company India makes the best use of both keywords and content in their marketing strategies so that they can successfully drive engagement as well as boost website rankings.

Create Content As Per Google Guidelines

Google is not less than a godfather of the ever-changing digital domain. It keeps on changing its algorithm to make sure they could successfully filter results for their visitors search and provide them the best ones that pass their search criteria which comprise of:

·         Expertise

·         Authority

·         Trust

·         Worth

Always create a balanced content. This means that the content should be relevant, engaging, informative, and high-ranking. Google goes deep into the content to evaluate whether or not your content contains meaningful information and it has a smart search engine that evaluates everything.  Therefore, if you have tried to trick the search engine by simply dragging it longer without optimization, then it is not going to work as Google no longer gives weightage to longer content if it is not reader-friendly.


Never play with the emotions of your customers. Instead, try to influence them and convince them to show interest in your business products/services through effective marketing content. Make sure you optimize your content with the right set of keywords to avoid having any negative implications on your SEO success.  Quantity doesn’t always matter. It’s quality that can only give you positive results.

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