Why Retrain for a Career in Data Analytics?

Looking for a new role in computing? Data analytics could be for you.

Cloud computing, online data processing, and analytical feedback are the business focused elements of the future. Retraining for a career in data analytics could see you with a brilliant future filled with higher salaries and a better work-life balance. Interested? You should be. Here is all you need to know about retraining for a career in data analytics, regardless of your age. Retraining can happen at any point in your life, all it takes is determination and a little planning.

Retraining in Computing is a Great Idea

Imagine this scenario – or you won’t have to. You are aged fifty, you have been in the same job since you were twenty five. You hate it with a passion. Every day is the same, but they pay you too much money for you to move elsewhere. What do you do? You could stay there until retirement and then start living your life like you enjoy your days. Alternatively, you could spend your evenings studying online to gain the qualifications in the software systems you have been using all this time. Next, it’s only a skip and a jump away from graduating and moving on to fresh pastures.

Retraining feels scary. It feels like you are giving up on stability to leap towards something that might not even work. However, if you retrain in something that you have a genuine interest in, your days will be fuller, your prospects brighter, and you won’t feel like you are waiting for retirement just to start living.

Why Retrain in Data Analytics?

The business world just completed a huge shift in the way it operates. Everyone that didn’t get online during covid, simply didn’t survive. The number of businesses still operating purely out of bricks and mortar buildings is miniscule by comparison to what it was in 2019.

What this means for data analysts, is that there is more work than ever before. Businesses who want to stay ahead of their competitors now need to do this in the global marketplace, on digital, just like the little guy. They are on unfamiliar terrain. Looking at the data they collect from consumers allows them to anticipate customer demand and grow accordingly. Without this analytical feedback, they don’t have the clues to their next steps. The data analyst is the person companies hire to make sense of the data and therefore give them a clue what to do next. A good data analyst can drive a company to success.

What Qualifications and Experience do You Need for a Career in Data Analytics?

You can visit Hays to learn about what qualifications or experience is beneficial to my applications for data analyst jobs? They have great tips and tricks for helping the average potential employee upload a good CV and use it to grab corporate attention. As a rule of thumb, the more software based qualifications you have, the better your chances of a successful career as a data analyst in business.

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